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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Off Broadway Hotel

Update - As of May 2016 machines available are ACDC and Star Trek (1991)

The Off Broadway Hotel is located underneath the Broadway shopping Centre On Bay St next to Blockbuster.  They currently have a Tron: Legacy (Limited Edition) and a Batman Forever pinball machine. However the Batman Forever machine was switched off on my visit.  Tron is $2 a credit and Batman is $1 a credit or $3 for 2.  Both are 5 ball machines.

The Off Broadway is a bit of an odd pub.  Its location under a mall makes it feel like a bit of a dive.  That said it has all you would want from a pub, big screen projector, occasional live music, pool tables, a large TAB a Buck Hunter Safari machine and a great history of housing pinball machines.  In fact I had expected to see the Rolling Stones pinball machine here but it must of been switched out for Tron within the last month or two.

This is the first Tron Machine I've seen at a location.  It is the Limited Edition version but from what I can gather that just means it has s different back glass and a little plaque displaying its number out of the 400 run.

This one is number 27.  Pretty cool, but I don't believe it changes the game at all.

The game itself, though pretty and nice and shiny, left me a little disappointed.  There seemed to me to be a high degree of luck and randomness involved in the way the ball would be returned after certain shots.  The left loop sends the ball around and into a set of pop bumpers that can spit the ball out in any direction.  The centre shot is dangerous as is but when you open the spinning disc shot, and you are required to hit it onto the disc 5 times for a multi-ball, we again have an instance of the ball being thrown out off the disc in a random direction (A similar spinning disc appears on the CSI machine, also a danger shot).

I may be overstating things, and one good go might have coloured my opinion of the machine differently.  It's certainly worth a look, it is a nice shiny machine.  Im just hoping that Batman Forever is up and running next time to give a bit of variety.

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